Announcing a Call for Scores 
From immediate effect to August 1st 2020

In these unprecedented times, Castley Music and Harlequin Chamber Choir is looking to motivate and inspire composers of all ages and backgrounds in writing a piece of choral music for inclusion in a special concert (date to be confirmed) after the current crisis has passed. The concert aims to celebrate the creativity of composers through this particular time of adversity and will be performed by the award-winning chamber choir, under the direction of Dr Amy Bebbington.

Specifically, we are looking for approximately 10 original compositions written between March and July 2020 that are suitable for a future concert based on the theme of community cohesion. There is no fee for entry and we aim to be able to pay a performance fee for composers whose works are selected.

Submission guidelines:


  • Should be scored for SATB choir, some divisi permitted

  • Can be arrangements of music already in the public domain

  • May be sacred or secular

  • Can be accompanied (piano and/or cello and/or trumpet) or unaccompanied

  • Should not exceed 3’30 in length

  • Should be submitted as a PDF generated directly from a music typesetter. Scans of pre-printed or handwritten scores will not be accepted.


  • Successful pieces will have adhered to the theme of community cohesion

  • You must gain appropriate written permission to use any texts currently under copyright before submitting your score

  • PDF scores should be accompanied if possible, with an mp3 recording (Sibelius/midi)

  • Submissions should be emailed to accompanied with a brief programme note

  • Scores should be anonymous, ie without the composer’s name printed and we welcome submissions by composers or every age and background, faith and gender

  • Deadline for submissions is August 1st Successful entrants will be announced by the end of 2020.

Submissions will be shortlisted by our choir’s repertoire committee which consists of Dr Amy Bebbington, Nathan James, and Stuart White.

In these difficult financial times, we are only able to fund this project through maintaining Harelquin's member subscriptions whilst they are not meeting for regular rehearsals (due to the Covid-19 outbreak). We are however committed to paying successful composers a performance fee for their music. The amount will be announced when we have a clearer time-frame for the current social distancing restrictions. We thank you for your understanding.

We wish to share the success and creativity of composers during this time by using the hashtag #coronacomposer on social media (in particular our dedicated Twitter page) to demonstrate that life can inspire great creativity in these unprecedented times. We hope that other choirs might follow suit in providing motivation and encouragement to composers by creating similar opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding our Call for Scores, please email the committee at 

Thank you for your interest!

All material copyight 2020 Castley Music

Photographs: Rachel Poulton