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One of the most useful and important things about music composition is to have feedback.

Our service ensures that your receive a positive experience that encourages your creative work and develops your musical material.



Unsure if your musical ideas are translating into accessible and legible vocal scores for your choir?

With over twenty years experience of choral leadership and composition, Castley Music can help you realise the full potential of your choral writing.

"A friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable service, thank you so much. My work has really benefited from a fresh perspective"  Client feedback, 2018

What we can offer

At whatever stage in the compositional process you are in, whether you have a completed piece or you just need a fresh perspective to complete a musical idea you've had, we can help! 

Our critique and appraisal service provides contemporary choral composers with

  • Musical and lyrical (where applicable) analysis

  • Musical arrangement and/or structure suggestions

  • Assistance and advice on musical accompaniment

  • Score layout advice

  • General constructive criticism on ways to improve and develop.

How it works

By clicking our 'Contact Us' button, you can provide us with your email address and we will email you our Appraisal Form for you to complete and return to us along with a PDF copy of the score you would like us to appraise. Upon receipt of your returned form and score, you will receive an invoice from Castley Music. Once payment has cleared, we endeavour to complete our service within 48 hours. Upon completion, you receive:

  • an annotated scan of your score

  • our completed Appraisal Form with an overview of your work and points for development.

We do not retain copies, digital or otherwise, of your score. They remain your property at all times.

Pricing structure

The cost of our appraisal depends on the length of the composition and whether it has an accompaniment or not.

Remember, your piece can be for any assortment of voices, sacred or secular, incomplete or finished!

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