On Windover Hill

Imbolc, February 1st, 2020

The Pre-Concert Walk

In search of the Long Man

It was a crowd of almost fifty that assembled at the Long Man car-park on an uncharacteristically dry day in early February, to set out and explore the figure. These were no ordinary hikers however, these were the most extraordinary group of artists, authors, musicians, poets, journalists, and farmers who had sought to discover the influence of the Long Man together. Guiding them around the walk was the author of 'The Old Weird Albion', Justin Hopper, and composer, Nathan James, who brought the history and mythology of the figure to life. Along the walk, performances of poetry and music by local poet, Peter Martin, and folk singer, Anna Tabbush illustrated the creativity that Giant has inspired. The walk finished with a visit to the nearby Long Man Brewery who refreshed us with their award-winning beer.

For a more detailed account of the walk, visit the author, Mick Canning's website.

Top: drone footage of the start of the walk by @tomglennadventures (Instagram).   

All material copyight 2020 Castley Music

Photographs: Rachel Poulton